• (1) Advertising Plan Checklist

  • (1.1) Create Short-list of Potential Publications to Advertise With

  • (1.2) Add Advertising Calendar into Marketing Communications Plan

  • (1.3) Add Advertising Budget to Marketing Communications Budget

  • (1.4) Track Results: Use our Competitive Ad vs. PR Analysis Tool

  • (1.5) Assess Publication Circulation and Reach to Target Audiences

  • (1.6) Build a Budget for Ad Spending to Track Monthly Expenses

  • (1.7) Add Contact Information to your Media Relations Database

  • (1.8) Build an High-Level Advertising Calendar & Budget

  • (1.9) Create an Ad Placement Line-up by Month & Publication

  • (1.10) Use Advertisement Evaluation Matrix to evaluate Ad Quality

  • (1.11) Select Topics that Reinforce your Key Advertisement Messages

  • (1.12) Align Ads among Channels with a Consistent Theme

  • (1.13) Add Advertisement Due Dates to Media Relations Database

  • (1.14) Insert Print and Online Rate Info and Specs to Database

  • (1.15) Assign Ad Creation Responsibility in Advertising Calendar

  • (1.16) Document publisher topics by month for short-listed publications in Media Relations Database. Identify topics of interest.

  • (1.17) Conduct a Media Audit for Key Publications with BPA Worldwide

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