Security in software development checklist

As software development becomes more and more complex, the need for security increases. Here is a checklist of items to consider when adding security to your software development process: 1. Have a dedicated security team: This team should be responsible for identifying and addressing security risks. 2. Perform security audits: These audits should be conducted regularly to identify any potential security vulnerabilities. 3. Implement security controls: Controls such as encryption and access control can help to mitigate security risks. 4. Train developers on security: It is important that all developers are aware of security risks and how to mitigate them. 5. Keep up to date with security trends: The security landscape is constantly changing, so it is important to stay up to date with the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

  • (1) Implement a secure coding policy and ensure all developers adhere to it.

  • (2) Perform code reviews to identify potential security vulnerabilities.

  • (3) Use static analysis tools to automatically find security vulnerabilities in code.

  • (4) Use dynamic analysis tools to test for vulnerabilities in running code.

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