Competitive differentiation

 Corporate identity Differentiation is the process of creating unique value for a product or service. It is the ability to make a product or service different from all other competing products or services in the market. Differentiation can be achieved through many means, such as features, price, quality, brand, or customer service. Corporate identity is the visual appearance of a company that is used to identify and promote the company's brand. It includes the company's name, logo, color scheme, and other visual elements. Corporate identity is important because it helps customers and clients recognize and remember a company, and it differentiates the company from its competitors.

  • (1) Have you developed a sales strategy for your product?

  • (2) Have you created a customer service plan for your product?

  • (3) Have you considered the competitive landscape and how our product will differentiate itself?

  • (4) Have you researched the needs of your target market and created a product that meets those needs?

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