PIM introduction

introducing PIM, you are not only embarking on a massive effort to change your whole company and culture, you are also changing the way people work. And this is something that people are very sensitive about, or even scared, or simply not okay with. The other way to look at it is that your total end to end process is about to change. When you start introducing PIM, you are fundamentally changing the way your company works, from the CEO all the way down to the last person on the production line. This is why I recommend creating a roll-out plan, so that you can successfully introduce PIM, and thus change the way your company works. Here is an outline of what you need to do:

  • (1) Explain how the people will be involved in the roll out.

  • (2) Explain how the CEO and senior management will be involved in the roll out.

  • (3) Explain the benefits of the roll out.

  • (4) Explain how the organization will be phased in.

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