Record-Keeping System Establishment Checklist

The Record-Keeping System Establishment Checklist is designed to help you create and maintain an effective record-keeping system for your business. This easy-to-use checklist will guide you through the process of establishing a record-keeping system that meets your business needs and complies with relevant legislation.

  • (1) Establish what type of records need to be kept. This will vary depending on the business type and size, as well as any specific regulations that apply.

  • (2) Decide what you need to keep track of. This will vary depending on your business and what type of records you are required to keep.

  • (3) Determine how often records should be updated. This will again vary depending on the business, but typically daily or weekly updates are best.

  • (4) Choose a system that works for you. This could be a paper-based system, an electronic system, or a combination of both.

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