Website Scalability Checklist

Building a scalable website is essential for accommodating increased traffic, user demands, and future growth. Scalability ensures that your website can handle the increased load without compromising performance or user experience. To help you achieve a scalable website, we have compiled a comprehensive checklist of key steps to consider.

  • (1)

  • (2) Choose a scalable web hosting plan

    When you first set up your website, you will need to choose a web hosting plan that can accommodate your site as it grows. If you choose a shared hosting plan, make sure it has the option to upgrade to a more powerful plan if needed.

  • (3) Use a content delivery network (CDN)

    A CDN can help deliver your content to visitors around the world, without putting strain on your server.

  • (4) Make sure your website is hosted on a reliable and scalable platform such as AWS or Azure.

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