Strategy for dealing with problems checklist

If you encounter any unexpected issues or bugs while developing software, the first thing you should do is try to replicate the problem. This will help you determine whether the issue is with your code or with the software itself. If you can't replicate the problem, check the software's documentation or contact the developer for help. Once you've determined the source of the problem, you can start working on a fix. If the problem is with your code, you can try to debug it yourself or ask for help from a more experienced developer. If the problem is with the software, you can contact the developer and ask for help.

  • (1) Check if the issue has been reported before and if so, whether it has been resolved.

  • (2) If the issue has not been reported before, create a new issue in the bug tracker.

  • (3) Try to reproduce the issue.

  • (4) If the issue cannot be reproduced, ask for more information from the person who reported the issue.

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