Workforce Implications and Personnel Issues Checklist

The Workforce Implications and Personnel Issues Checklist for Company Acquisition is a valuable resource designed to assist organizations in assessing the impact on the workforce of the target company during an acquisition and addressing any potential personnel issues that may arise. This checklist provides a systematic approach to evaluating workforce dynamics, managing employee transitions, ensuring employee engagement, and facilitating a smooth integration process. By utilizing this checklist, organizations can proactively address personnel challenges, maintain productivity, and foster a positive work environment during and after the acquisition.

  • (1) Company culture

    Is the company's culture compatible with your own? Do the company's values align with your own?

  • (2) What are the current and future workforce needs of the target company?

  • (3) Workforce

    What is the company's current workforce size and composition? What are the company's current workforce needs?

  • (4) What are the current skills and experience of the target company's workforce?

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